Building with our Workflows

At QoreID, we are focused on helping our customers and businesses strengthen and deepen their compliance, identity and verification processes without making it too cumbersome for their end users. Our workflows are designed to help you do just that - add multiple verification layers without elongating the process and with one single endpoint.

AI powered recommendation engine to help you with the exact workflows you need.

The QoreID setup wizard is our artificial intelligence recommendation engine designed to help you make the best trust decisions always. It takes you through a process to figure out what your most critical needs are along with your risk apetite. By letting you choose your preferred digital ID service, we ensure the power to choose remains with you at all times. From your selected preferences, our engine recommends an ideal workflow for your business.

Easy to use drag and drop workflow editor to allow you customize your flows according to your business requirements.

QoreID’s workflow editor allows you drag the identity services you require in your preferred order. As you build your workflow, the Confidence Meter oscillates between low, medium and high showing you the QoreID engine’s confidence on the veracity of your workflow. A high confidence meter means that you have selected services that will most certainly help you identity your customers correctly. These workflows once created can be renamed and package either as single APIs or SDKs for integration into your exisiting work systems.

Insightful analytics and reports for each workflow showing detailed analytics in an easy-to-read format.

Go beyond bland API responses and get insightful identity reports into your customers showing you a digital footprint of their government approved identity and other aliases, their most important details and their preferences. This comprehensive report can de downloaded as a PDF or as a JSON file allowing you integrate the report into your existing business process for enhanced analytics.